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Uwell Caliburn A2S vs Caliburn A2 vs Caliburn G2

Aug 3, 2022

The “Caliburn Family” from Uwell has rapidly grown in the recent 2 years. Today let’s welcome its 9th member - Caliburn A2S, which comes with a visible window like Caliburn A2 & Caliburn G2. So what’s new for Caliburn A2S? Let’s check it out in this review.

What can we expect from Uwell Caliburn A2S?

Design & Appearance

Just like Caliburn A2 & Caliburn G2, the Caliburn A2S is also stick-shaped. At first glance, they are quite similar. However, the Caliburn A2S is buttonless, it supports air-activated auto draw vaping, which makes it easier to use. It is powered by a 520mAh built-in battery and can output up to 15W.

There is a significant change in the indicator light. Caliburn A2S comes with a lights-consisted logo. The CALIBURN logo will flash with animated light matrix during vaping. Its shining light matrix will hint at battery level and aesthetic perception. A green light indicates the battery level is over 60%, a blue light indicates the battery level is 30%-60%, and a red light indicates the battery level is under 30%.


The Caliburn A2S Pod Kit comes with a transparent pod for visibility. Users can see the e-liquid level through the transparent pod, so they can make a timely refilling to avoid coil burning. The Caliburn A2S Cartridge is equipped with a 1.2ohm built-in mesh coil, and it adopts UWELL’s exclusive Pro-FOCS flavor adjustment technology for perfectly restoring the flavor of the e-liquid.

The Caliburn A2S device is also compatible with the 0.9 Ω Caliburn A2 refillable pod, so you can have more resistance choices.

Main Features:

1. Transparent pod for visibility of e-liquid, compatible with Caliburn A2 Pod Kit

2. 1.2ohm built-in mesh Coil, Pro-FOCS flavor adjustment technology

3. Draw to vape, CALIBURN logo will flash with animated light matrix during vaping

4. Smooth surface decorated with cut lines, making the device distinctive

Caliburn A2S vs Caliburn A2 vs Caliburn G2

Which product do you prefer? Please leave your comment down below.

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