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1. Put items into your shopping cart

(1) Choose one of the available options if there is any ( could be color, flavor, package type, resistance, etc). 

(2) Fill in the quantity you need.

(3) Then click “Add to Cart” button to add item into your shopping cart. If you want to add different options of a certain product simultaneously, you can simply click "Bulk Choice" and add different attributes into shopping cart at once.

* Only when you finish the selection of each option can you add the item to cart.

2. When you are on the shopping cart page, you can:

(1) Edit the products details: change quantity, add product to wishlist or delete the product.

(2) Hide and unfold the products from the same brand.


(3) Select the products under the same status, like Pre-order, Stocked.

(4) Check if the product is forbidden to ship to your destination country.

(5) You can also export product data from the cart and do fast order by importing product data.

(6) Click “CHECK OUT” button to enter the checkout page to place the order.

3. Check Out

You are at the last step page. You can finish your shopping on this page by these steps:

(1) Complete your info and shipping address. Make sure that your shipping address is the same as your paypal address if you are paying via paypal.

(2) Choose a shipping method you prefer to use.

(3) Choose the payment method you would like to use. We only accept payment by Bank Transfer at present, please contact us and provide the receipt after your payment.

(4) Don’t forget to use your coupon if there are any coupons available. You can also redeem discount with points. You can only enjoy one discount for an order.

(5) If you have any special requirements on the customs file or package, you can leave a note on the order. And for any further questions, please contact us at any time. 

(6) Click "Place Your Order" button to create your order. 

4. How to check your order details after placing the order?

(1) Go to ”My Account” or directly enter “My Order” section.

(2) Click “Order detail” to enter the order detail page. 

① If your order is unpaid, you can click the “Pay Now” button to continue the payment step.

② If your order has been canceled, but you want to order the same products again, please click “Reorder”, then the items will be added to your shopping cart again. Just repeat the steps of placing order.

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