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1.What is Elegomall points?

Elegomall points are for Elegomall users only. They can be used to deduct order amount, redeem gifts, participate in various points related activities etc.

2.How to get Elegomall points ?

There are several ways to get Elegomall points.

1) Registration : register as new customer will be awarded 500 points.

2) Log in : log in to your Elegomall account will be awarded 5 points.

3) Review products: after review is approved for any product will be awarded 20 points.

4) Place orders: when orders shipped completely, Elegomall system will add points automatically to corresponding account.

5) Review orders: after the order is completed, welcome to add review. Each order review being approved will be awarded 30 points.

3.How to use Elegomall points ?

You can use it in following ways.

1) Deduction: the points can used to deduct the value of goods when placing order.

2) Participate in Elegomall activities: such as lucky draw, redeem gifts, redeem purchase vouchers etc.

4. Elegomall Points Rules

1) Points can be accumulated and valid for 1 year. If you get the points on Jan 1st,2019, without using them, they will be invalid on Jan 2nd, 2020 automatically .

2) You can get points when place orders on our website. The points amount will be the same with the order product value, shipping fee excluded.

3) Our system will use the earliest points first.

4) Points cannot be used to redeem cash or transfer to other accounts.

5) The points you redeem cannot exceed 3% discount of the product value.

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