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Uwell Caliburn G2 vs Caliburn G

Nov 16, 2021

The "Caliburn family" from Uwell is becoming larger and larger. Another new member - Caliburn G2 was born shortly after the release of Caliburn AK2. It is mainly upgraded from Caliburn G. It inherits many features that made the Caliburn G so popular, but with a few new changes that make it even better. So what’s new for Caliburn G2? Let’s check it out in this review.


The Caliburn G2 cartridge comes with a more progressive airflow adjustment than Caliburn G. Unlike the Caliburn G to adjust the airflow by rotating the cartridge by 180°, there is an adjustable gear wheel at the bottom of Caliburn G2 cartridge.

The Caliburn G2 cartridge is compatible with Caliburn G2 Coil 1.2ohm & old Caliburn G Coil 0.8/1.0ohm, so you have more resistance choices.

The drip tip was also improved. With a lip curve, it can fit your mouth perfectly and provide a better user experience.


Caliburn G2 has an e-liquid check window on the top of the body like Caliburn A2 for conveniently checking e-liquid at any time. And it has 750mAh built-in battery capacity, which is larger than previous Caliburn series products. Featuring vibration interaction, you can know how the device is doing without looking.

Main Features:

1. Updated new Caliburn G2 cartridge, with a more progressive airflow adjustment than Caliburn G

2. Top filling Cartridge, with e-liquid check window for conveniently checking left e-liquid at any time

2. Compatible with Caliburn G2 Coil 1.2ohm & Caliburn G Coil 0.8/1.0ohm for MTL/RDL vaping

3. 750mAh built-in battery, bigger capacity than old Caliburn series, support draw/button activated

What you can get from a Uwell Caliburn G2 Pod Kit?

1 x Caliburn G2 Pod System

1 x Meshed-H 1.2Ω Coil

1 x Meshed-H 0.8Ω Coil

1 x User Manual

1 x Type-C Charging Cable

Caliburn G2 vs Caliburn G

Which one catches your eyes? Please leave your comment down below.

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